Pedagogical uses of the Cinema, Reportage, Documentaries and the Internet in the educational process – Media Literacy

ΕΑ0068Pedagogical uses of the Cinema, Reportage, Documentaries and the Internet in the educational process - Media LiteracyAlivizos SofosSelective Spring Section A4

Content outline

The course is organized in the form of a workshop for the creative production of a digital audiovisual product, which can take the form of animation, short film, documentary, reportage. The aim is the experimentation and practicing students in audiovisual literacy classes, for the pedagogical exploitation of various types of film in education. The workshop addresses the following topics:

1. Film analysis

2. Basic film components

3. Basic Features of Animation

4. Basic features of the documentary

5. Key features of reporting

6. Investigating the thematic field for audiovisual production

7. Create, summarize, script and storyboard

8. Caping persons and documenting their characteristics

9. Taking scenes

10. Editing

11. Integration of digital audiovisual production

12. Support for the project

13. Criteria for assessing digital audiovisual production

Learning outcomes

After successful completion of the course students will be able:

at the level of knowledge:

– to know the structure of f digital audiovisual film

– to distinguish the special features of animation, short length film, documentary and reportage

– to plan the experimental implementation of the digital audiovisual film

at the level of skills:

– to create the summary, script and storyboard of the digital audiovisual film

– to shoot individual scenes

– to select and mount downloads with digital tape processing software

at the level of ability: 

– to skillfully handle the online environment in which they work

-to implement the educational application they designed to solve learning problems