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YA0007Introduction to PedagogyAlivizos Sofos Mandatory6
ΥΒ0003History and its DidacticsGiorgos KokkinosMandatory6
ΥΓ0003Αn Introduction to the Basic Concepts and the Fundamentals of MathematicsAvgerinos EvgeniosMandatory6
ΥΓ0005Introduction to information and Communication TechnologiesFokides Manos, Kostas ApostolosMandatory6
ΥΔ0001The Greek LanguageKotzoglou Giorgos - Nikolou KalomiraMandatory6

YA0003Introduction to Clinical PsychologyAnastasia TsamparliMandatory6
ΥΑ0005School PedagogyMaria DarraMandatory6
ΥΒ0002Cultural HistoryV. Fioravantes Mandatory6
ΥΓ0001Science Education in Primary SchoolsMichael SkoumiosMandatory6
ΥΔ0007Modern greek literature-Modern greek literature of Cyprus: 19th-20th centuryLouiza ChristodoulidouMandatory6

YA0006Introduction to Special EducationAssimina TsibidakiMandatory6
ΥΒ0005The Sociology of ReligionKaramouzis PolikarposMandatory6
ΥΒ0007Educational PoliciesKimourtzis PanagiotisMandatory6
ΥΓ0006A theoretical framework for Environmental and Sustainability Education Liarakou GeorgiaMandatory6
ΥΔ0009Introduction into LiteracyGalandomos IoannisMandatory6

ΥΑ0011Introduction to Cognitive PsychologyLipourli EleniMandatory6
ΥΓ0008Technological and Didactical Innovations: Virtual RealityEmmanuel FokidesMandatory6
ΥΔ0004Folklore: Introduction to FolkloristicsGeorge KatsadorosMandatory6
ΥΔ0008Language Teaching and New Technologies Vasilia Kourtis-Kazoullis Mandatory6
ΥΣ0001Introduction to the Pedagogics of TheatreKladaki MariaMandatory6

ΕΑ0060Theories of Learning – Experiences, Ways of Life and knowledge reproduction processesNot offeredMandatory By Selection5
ΕΒ0073Modern Greek HistoryKimourtzis PanagiotisMandatory By Selection5
ΕΓ0014Environmental and Sustainability IssuesLiarakou GeorgiaMandatory By Selection5
ΕΓ0031Didactics of MathematicsAvgerinos EvgeniosMandatory By Selection5
ΕΔ0034Bilingualism Vasilia Kourtis-Kazoullis Mandatory By Selection5
ΕΔ0045Teaching LiteratureLouiza ChristodoulidouMandatory By Selection5
ΥΑ0004Cognitive Psychology and Language Development In ChildrenEleni LipourliMandatory By Selection5
ΥΒ0001Sociology of EducationKaramouzis PolikarposMandatory By Selection5

ΠΡΑΚ-Α Analyzing the teaching fieldMaria DarraPracticum5

ΠΡΑΚ - B4 Applied Didactics of History Giorgos Kokkinos Practicum5
ΠΡΑΚ – Β1Applied Language TeachingSkourtou E., Kazoulli, V.Practicum5
ΠΡΑΚ – Β2 Theory and Practice in Mathematics EducationAvgerinos EvgeniosPracticum5
ΠΡΑΚ – Β3 Theory And Practise in Science EducationMichael SkoumiosPracticum5
ΠΡΑΚ – Β5 Applying Teaching in ICT and Digital LiteracyAlivizos Sofos Practicum5

ΝΠ - ΑΓ5Practical Professional Deepening Exercise in Pedagogical Fields of Work in the context of MentoringAlivizos Sofos Practicum6
ΠΡΑΚ – Γ1Applied Language TeachingSkourtou Eleni - Kazoulli VasiliaPracticum6
ΠΡΑΚ – Γ2Theory and Practice in Mathematics EducationAvgerinos EvgeniosPracticum6
ΠΡΑΚ – Γ3 Theory And Practise in Science EducationMichael SkoumiosPracticum6
ΠΡΑΚ – Γ4Applied Teaching in HistoryKokkinos GiorgosPracticum6

ΕΑ0001Theoretical approaches to the FamilyAnastasia TsamparliSelective Fall Section A4
ΕΑ0014The Subject and KnowledgeVratsais KostasSelective Fall Section A4
ΕΑ0054Psychology of MotivationEleni LipourliSelective Fall Section A4
ΕΑ0061Education of Students with Mild Special Educational NeedsAssimina TsibidakiSelective Fall Section A4
ΕΑ0065School Evaluation/ AssessmentMaria DarraSelective Fall Section A4
ΕΑ0066School ManagementMaria DarraSelective Fall Section A4
ΕΑ0074Digital literacy in intercultural environments: pedagogical, sociological and legal dimensionsSofos A.Selective Fall Section A4
ΕΑ0075Tools for Designing Learning Scenarios for PracticumApostolos KostasSelective Fall Section A4
ΕΒ0080State, Institutions, Education & Political Socialization of Youth-Selective Fall Section B4
ΕΓ0029ICT Applications in EducationEmmanuel FokidesSelective Fall Section C4
ΕΓ0032Students’ Conceptions of Science and their Teaching ApproachesMichael SkoumiosSelective Fall Section C4
ΕΓ0038Development of Virtual Worlds for Teaching Subjects in Primary SchoolEmmanuel FokidesSelective Fall Section C4
ΕΓ0041Assessment and Evaluation in Mathematics: Classical and Contemporary Theories with the Use of New Technologies-Selective Fall Section C4
ΕΔ0023The Diffusion of Aesopic Fables in EuropeGeorge KatsadorosSelective Fall Section D4
ΕΔ0025Modern Aspects of Folk LiteratureG. KatsadorosSelective Fall Section C4
ΕΔ0046ΝIntroduction to Children’s Literature: Theory and PracticeIoannis Papadatos (TEPAES)Selective Fall Section D4
ΕΔ0049History of the Greek languageEleni KarantzolaSelective Fall Section D4
ΕΔ0050Discourse AnalysisMarianthi Georgalidou (TMS)Selective Fall Section D4
ΕΔ0051Gender and LanguageMarianthi Georgalidou (TMS)Selective Fall Section D4
ΕΣ0024Creative Drama as an Instructional Strategy in EducationMaria KladakiSelective Fall Section A4
ΡΑ0018Family and Learning DisabilitiesAnastasia TsamparliSelective Fall Section A4
ΡΒ0029Religion and SocietyPolykarpos KaramouzisSelective Fall Section B4
ΡΒ0030Cultural and Artistic Models IV. Fioravantes Selective Fall Section B4
ΡΒ0031Cultural and Artistic Models IIV. Fioravantes Selective Spring Section B4
ΡΔ0017Electronic Learning Environments and Language (Research)Vasilia Kourtis-KazoullisSelective Spring Section D4
ΡΔ0022Women's Intellectual Writing in Hellenic Communities abroadLouiza ChristodoulidouSelective Spring Section D4

ΕΑ0003Epistemology and DidacticsVratsais KostasSelective Spring Section A4
ΕΑ0032Models of Interaction Between Family and School SystemsAnastasia TsamparliSelective Spring Section A4
ΕΑ0051Family and "A School for All"Assimina TsibidakiSelective Spring Section A4
ΕΑ0053Introduction to PsychologyEleni LipourliSelective Spring Section A4
ΕΑ0064Developing Digital Content for e-Learning and K-12 Online Education with MoodleAlivizos Sofos, Kostas ApostolosSelective Spring Section A4
ΕΑ0068Pedagogical uses of the Cinema, Reportage, Documentaries and the Internet in the educational process - Media LiteracyAlivizos SofosSelective Spring Section A4
ΕΑ0070Education of students with severe special educational needs and/or disabilitiesAssimina TsibidakiSelective Spring Section A4
ΕΑ0072Drama in EducationMaria KladakiSelective Spring Section A4
ΕΑ0073Formal, Νon-Formal Forms of Education, Life-long Learning-Selective Spring Section A4
ΕΒ0002History of ArtV. FioravantesSelective Spring Section B4
ΕΒ0041History of EducationPanagiotis KimourtzisSelective Spring Section B4
ΕΒ0044Anthropological and Sociological Dimensions of ReligionPolykarpos KaramouzisSelective Spring Section B4
ΕΒ0056Teaching of ReligionsPolykarpos KaramouzisSelective Spring Section B4
ΕΒ0059Education: Perception in the Public Sphere. Press, Literature, Cinema, Theater, ArtPanagiotis KimourtzisSelective Spring Section B4
ΕΒ007620th Century European HistoryGiorgos KokkinosSelective Spring Section B4
ΕΒ0077Gender and Education (Moodle)Dionisios Gouvias (TEPAES)Selective Spring Section B4
ΕΒ0079Development of Gender Roles (Moodle)Chryssi VitsilakiSelective Spring Section B4
ΕΓ0016Teaching and learning strategies in environmental educationGeorgia LiarakouSelective Spring Section C4
ΕΓ0034Virtual Learning EnvironmentsEmmanuel FokidesSelective Spring Section C4
ΕΓ0039Trainee’s Representations for Mathematical Concepts and Related Teaching ProcessesAvgerinos EvgeniosSelective Spring Section C4
ΕΓ0042 Introduction to Web for EducationKostas ApostolosSelective Spring Section C4
ΕΔ0033Second Language TeachingVasilia Kourtis-KazoullisSelective Fall Section D4
ΕΔ0042Modern Greek Literature 19th -20th century: Poetry and ProseLouiza ChristodoulidouSelective Fall Section D4
ΕΔ0047Grammatical Description of the Greek LanguageGeorge Kotzoglou (TMS)Selective Spring Section D4
ΕΔ0048Language ChangeIoannis Galantomos (TMS)Selective Spring Section D4
ΕΔ0052Introduction to Language PolicyEleni Karantzola (TMS)Selective Spring Section D4
ΕΔ0053Language, Literature, Folklore and their Teaching Approaches-Selective Spring Section D4
ΡΑ0024Professional specialization of teachers: a research projectVratsais KostasSelective Fall Section A4
ΡΑ0069Pedagogical Methods and Research Techniques in Educational FieldsCo-teachingSelective Spring Section A4
ΡΓ0015The Sustainable School (Research)Georgia LiarakouSelective Spring Section C4
ΡΔ0003Collecting and Processing Folkloric MaterialGeorge KatsadorosSelective Spring Section D4

ΥΞ0023Academic EnglishAnastasia PolemikouForeign Languages-