ICT Applications in Education

Course IDCourse NameInstructorRoom NumberTime
ΕΓ0029ICT Applications in EducationEmmanuel FokidesSelective Fall Section C4

Content outline

ICT educational applications arouse the interest of students, enrich and facilitate the learning process. In addition, these application can encompass all the teaching subjects. It is therefore an important teaching tool, in which students must have a deeper understanding. The main objective of the course is through the development of simple applications, to explore ways in which they can be integrated into the teaching process. The subject is not considered exclusively from the perspective of the experts in the developments of such applications and/or from the perspective of teachers. Ways that students themselves can create educational applications are also considered. This is achieved by using object oriented-point and click multimedia authoring tools, dispelling the notion that the development of computer applications requires special expertise and programming knowledge.

Learning outcomes

The course's aim is to give students insight and perspective on the following topics:

1. The categories and the wide range of interactive applications.

2. The software used to develop interactive multimedia applications.

3. The importance of the design and presentation of an application.

4. The importance of the interface being designed in a manner easily understood by students.

5. The steps from concept to implementation of an application. Flowcharts.

6. The implementation of a program's flow with frames.

7. The concepts associated with graphics animation.

8. The methodology of introducing animation in an application.

9. Basic programming concepts such as events, operators, variables, loops, and conditions and how they are implemented with object-oriented programming.

10. The methodology to use, modify and import audio files, music, pictures and video.

11. The methodology of displaying messages and counters on the screen.