The University of the Aegean was founded in 1918, was reestablished in 1984 and it is one of the newest Universities in Greece. Today, almost thirty years later, the University has 16 different active departments, 33 graduate programs and 1 curriculum by choice. It is ranked among the largest Universities in Greece. The University Unit of Rhodes hosts the School of Humanities consisting of the Departments of Primary Education, Sciences of Pre-school Education & Educational Design and Mediterranean Studies.

The objectives of the study program of the Department of Primary Education of the University of the Aegean are:

  • To offer modern, innovative and flexible studies in Science of Education, tailored to the wider scientific, social and business needs
  • To cultivate in the students and future teachers the spirit of search of knowledge, collective effort and democratic behavior.
  • To contribute positively to the development of humanistic education, respect for human rights, as well as social and ecological awareness of tomorrow's teachers and citizens.


Under this perspective the department specifically aims to:

  • Help the students become carriers of improvement of social life and balanced development of their region.
  • Cultivate a sense of individual and collective responsibility towards social problems and social inequalities.
  • Foster friendship and cooperation and promote mutual understanding and peaceful coexistence of nations.
  • Equip future teachers for developing self-motivation, expression of individuality and critical thinking of their students.


At the same time, the department aims to achieve:

  • Education and deepening in the basic concepts of all education components.
  • The foundation of the theory, through experimental consolidation in laboratories and internship in school conditions.
  • Update on current issues and problems of education.
  • Good preparation of the students who wish to continue their studies at postgraduate level.
  • Support of internationally renowned research in collaboration with other institutions and universities.
  • Training in the use of information technology and modern educational tools.