The mission of all the laboratories of the Department is:

  • The coverage of the teaching needs of the Department of Primary Education and other departments of the Aegean University, in undergraduate and graduate level, on issues related to the subjects of the laboratories.
  • The cooperation with domestic and foreign research centers and academic institutions.
  • The organization of seminars, symposia, meetings, lectures and making publications and presentations.


Linguistics laboratory

The Linguistics Laboratory serves educational and research needs of the subject of language. In particular, the laboratory's activities are the description and analysis of the common modern Greek language based on the spoken and written word, the collection of dialectal material in a "Dialectology Archive" aiming to create the linguistic atlas of the Dodecanese, the study of bilingualism in Rhodes and bilingual education in general and the teaching of Modern Greek language.

Mathematics, Didactics and Multimedia Laboratory

The Mathematics, Didactics and Multimedia Laboratory serves educational and research needs of the subjects of Mathematics, its Didactics and its applications and in particular aims at educating and training students of the department on multimedia, new methods and technologies. These subjects refer to the basic research in modern fields of mathematics, to applications of mathematics to new knowledge transfer technologies, to mathematics distance education technology with open and flexible  systems, to the development of mathematical applications in multimedia environments and virtual reality, to special education and training sectors, to the development of material for learning and spreading of Mathematics applications for specific user groups.

Laboratory of Artistic & Cultural Education

The Laboratory of Artistic and Cultural Education serves educational and research needs of subjects of art, culture, communication and cultural policy, and to subjects:  History of Art, Introduction to Aesthetics, Anthropology and Art, Sociology and Philosophy of Art and Culture, Culture models, Modern Cultural Theory etc.

Laboratory of History and Social Sciences

The Laboratory of History and Social Sciences aims to research and development of educational applications in the following scientific areas: History, Epistemology and Didactics of History, History of Education, Educational Policy, Political Science, Sociology, Religious Studies. New epistemological, institutional and technological developments of the area of education are taken directly into account in the design of laboratory actions. The Laboratory has been active for a decade, but the process of its institutionalization has recently started. It is housed in a small, but multi-functional room of the Department of Primary Education. This room hosts the following scientific activities: seminars, lectures, presentations of audio-visual educational material. Meanwhile, the same space is used for hosting a wide research infrastructure. This infrastructure is constantly expanding by donations and purchase of books, archives and audio-visual educational aids. In this way, the Laboratory manages not only to be a place where material is stored and the scientific activity of the professors of the department is hosted, but also to become a living space that helps researchers, graduate students, undergraduate students and the anyone who is interested.

Physical Sciences Laboratory

The Physical Sciences Laboratory supports the teaching of Physics and Physics' Didactics courses of the Department of Primary Education of the University of the Aegean. In its composition are instructors of the university and teachers of primary and secondary education.

Laboratory of Psychology, Educational Research and Media in Education

The Laboratory serves educational and research needs of the subjects of Epistemology, Education and Teaching of Subjects of Knowledge, Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Pedagogy and Education of Media, Intercultural Communication. More specifically, the Laboratory covers research, educational and teaching needs of Educational Sciences and Psychology field in the following knowledge areas: Educational Sciences, History of Education, Theories of Learning and Teacher Education, Educational Research, Adult Education, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, School Psychology, Special Education, School Pedagogy, Education and Research of Education, Pedagogy of Media-Media education (media, cinema, ICT, Internet), History of Media in Education, Teaching of Media and Software Design, Distance Education, Comparative Pedagogy, Social Integration and Intercultural Education. The laboratory room is used as a basic infrastructure for research and training activities.